Your Support means a lot to me. My goal is to make enough money to be able to do ODD TV full-time. Currently I am a full-time Maintenance Man for a large property management company. It's pretty demanding work and leaves me burnt out when I get off. I try my hardest to drag myself to my computer in order to make a video or maybe a song and I'm successful about half of the time. On the weekends is when I really get busy with video and music production. Still sometimes a measly Saturday and Sunday isn't enough time to complete a project. Not the way I do 'em. Songs maybe, but videos no way. That's why I barely put anything out. It takes me a ridiculous amount of time to finish a video. First you have to do thorough research. Then you have to turn that research into a script that flows well and makes sense, Then you gather material for the video. You know, the stuff that shows up on screen while I'm narrating. After that I sit and make the music that's gonna play in the video. That's what makes ODD TV ODD TV. Once you have all that, it's time to do the voice over for the narration. Then you can open a video editor and slap the audio track, along with the music, on to it and add pictures and video as you listen to he voice over track. That's the most rewarding part of this whole process. Everything you spent time working on and diligently researching all comes to life before your very eyes. I can't even imagine how many videos I would make if that's all I did. With your contribution, I'm getting closer and closer to making that a reality. I want to say thank you again to those that already support ODD TV and to those that are considering it. I'm very grateful to have you in my life. ODD TV is nothing without you.

ODD in his studio where he belongs.

Grabbin' supplies at Home Depot

On the way to a call.

Repairing some bathroom tiles. This stuff is toxic.

Replacing ceiling light.

Gotta fix up and paint each apartment when people move out.

Fixing a garbage disposal.

Another garbage disposal.

Loading up supplies that I just got at Home Depot.

Tightening up closet doors in a vacant unit.

Replacing another ceiling light.

Making screens for windows that don't have one.

Replacing the ceiling above the tub. The tub in the unit above this one started leaking one day and ruined the ceiling in the apartment directly below.

Applying patch to the roof at one our complexes. This stuff is called Tropicool and it helps prevent roof leaks.